Rahman, F., Najmussaqib, A. & Kiani, A. (2016), Adaption of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for children with autism spectrum disorder: A case study of Pakistan

Science International, 28, 451-454.  (Pakistan).
Abstract: Management of Autism has been the subject of much academic research around the globe in recent times. Autism affects the child’s communication, socialization and cognition. From many decades Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) has been successfully used for autistic children and evidenced significant positive results respectively. The present study was aimed at exploring the awareness of the application of this system for autistic children, to check the cultural appropriateness and comprehensibility of (PECS) in Pakistan. For this purpose, a questionnaire and a focus group discussion was conducted with 150 participants from special education institutions of five provinces i.e. Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh, Khyberpakhtunkha and Azad Jammu Kashmir of Pakistan. Results indicated that 50% of the participants are not aware of the system. Results also showed that there is a 100% need to adapt this system in Urdu language. Results are discussed in a cultural context proposing a need for the adaptation of PECS for children with autism spectrum disorder in Pakistan.

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