Peirats-Chacón, J. & Vidal-Esteve, I. (2016). Introducing PECS to overcome the communicative limitations in a case of West syndrome,

Journal of Psychology, 34, 71-80.  (Spain)
Abstract: This case study tackles the intervention in a four year-old student schooled in a specific class at an ordinary school who was recently diagnosed with West syndrome. Applying during a quarter in a Hearing and Speech classroom The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) was applied over a period of an academic quarter in the school’s Hearing and Speech classroom with the goal of helping the student overcome the serious communicative limitations associated with the syndrome. A mixed methodological procedure is used, with research techniques consisting of the application of standardized tests, interviews, questionnaires, observations, records and document analysis. From the initial assessment of the case, established by the test, the program is implemented and data are recorded daily, in addition to interviewing the family and analysing documents and questionnaires filled out by the teachers involved. The results show that while the reluctance of some teachers suggests the need to improve coordination, this wasn’t an obstacle to the achievement of certain benefits in terms of student interaction, request and eye contact, essential for communicative achievement.

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