Montanari, S. Using picture exchange communication system with autistic children in a day hospital: two years after training.

Perspectives Psychology, OCT/DEC., 1-8. (France)
Abstract: Introduction: We had realized a study two years previously concerning the evaluation of the skills in communication of five autistic children during their learning of the picture exchange communication system.

Objective: We suggest here reporting the evolution of these five children two years after the formation and to review the use of this method. Material and method: We proceeded to conversations semi-structured with nursing concerning the clinical evolution of the children, their progress from the point of view of the communication as well as on the use which was made by the picture communication system at the day hospital. Results: On five children of the initial search, three of them don’t use the picture exchange communication system anymore. For the two other children, the use of the picture exchange communication system continues but without emergence of verbal language or other visible progress on the big functions of communication. The picture exchange communication system is especially used on the groups of life and at the lunch time, the session of learning being difficult to set up. Conclusion: The picture exchange communication system seems to constitute a foot adapted to the difficulties of representation and abstraction of the autistic children. However, the children who use perfectly the method but do not reach the verbal language shows its limits and the necessity of experimenting other approaches.

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